In a world where reality is never enough, We are the future.

Shop in the Metaverse for Real Products

RINE VR allows you to shop for real products from your favorite brands in the comfort of your own metaverse space. Shop digital assets of artworks or buy NFT tickets to join exclusive virtual events — it’s all possible now!

Create Your Own Personal Space

Everyone needs a place to call their own. RINE VR allows you to create your own personal space that can be customized with 3D spaces, furniture and decorations exactly how you want it. It's like having your own little slice of heaven in the metaverse!

Suitable for Fashion, Luxury, Real Estate & Cars

Whether it's fashion shows or real estate tours, RINE VR's advanced technology provides the perfect platform for luxury brands to showcase their collections and products in the virtual world

Metaverse Virtual Events & Experiences

Bring the real world into the metaverse and experience it like never before. Host exclusive events, meet your favorite celebrities and explore new worlds in the metaverse with RINE VR's events platform.


In a world where reality is never enough, We are the future.

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RINE VR is a virtual reality platform that allows users to explore, create, and connect in a metaverse environment.
Currently, RINE VR is compatible with Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest Pro.
You can access RINE VR by downloading the app from the Oculus store.
Yes, RINE VR is free to use. However, some features may require a subscription or additional payment.
RINE VR offers a range of experiences, including social gatherings, creative tools, and entertainment events.
Yes, RINE VR provides a set of creative tools that allow users to design and customise their own virtual spaces.
Yes, RINE VR has a strong community aspect with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and participate in events and activities.
The Platinum NFT membership is a premium membership that provides exclusive access to certain features and events on RINE VR.
You can become a Platinum NFT member by purchasing the Platinum NFT on the RINE website or through a supported NFT marketplace.

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